Concert de Jazz, 1980
    Vente Paris Mon Amour VIIe édition
    Adjugée 31 250 € (Record mondial)
  • JEAN METZINGER (1883-1956)
    Nature morte
    Huile sur toile
    Adjugée 56 000 €

    Type "Butterfield"
    Signé "N. Bion à Paris", vers 1700
    Adjugé 32 000 €

  • ALFRED GUILLOU (1844-1926)
    L'attente des femmes de pêcheurs sur le port de Concarneau
    Huile sur toile
    Adjugée 3 000 €

    Époque XVIe siècle
    Plat ovale en terre blanche
    Adjugé 1 600 €

    Circa 1800
    Adjugée 2 500 €

    Nature morte au vase de fleurs et coupe de fruits
    Huile sur toile
    Adjugée 2 350 €

  • ALFRED JACQUEMART (1824-1896)
    Cheval au pas
    Adjugé 26 200 €

Sale by auction

- Dnon-specialised auction sales take place every two weeks on a Thursday at 2pm in the Nogent Auction Saleroom, at which between 400 and 600 lots are sold.
A veritable institution, the fortnightly auction sales in Nogent attract a discerning public. A wide and varied range of objects is presented : paintings, objects and curiosities, furniture of elegant or rustic style, silverware, rugs and carpets, chandeliers, etc. These auctions offer rapid sale and early payment to potential vendors. The proceeds of these non-specialised auctions have continued to increase over the years

Exhibition of items to be auctioned in the Thursday sales is on the sale day between 9am and midday.

- numerous prestigeous specialised and catalogued sales are held several times a year, offering a range of high-quality objects of every kind, put up for sale by our vendors following expert evaluations carried out in Paris, in Île de France or in the Regions (see the section « Estimations »)..

Catalogues are drawn up by the best experts in every field. Between 4000 and 6000 catalogues are sent out to our clients.

Catalogues can also be consulted on internet thus giving access to the greatest number of potential bidders.

Sales are advertised through abundant publicity in targeted and specialised papers and magazines.

- LUCIEN-PARIS is in constant growth.
Number of sales each year : 40
Number of items presented each year: More than a million

- among the prestigious sales organised by our company have been : the sale of the LEROUX Painters Dynasty (eight thousand paintings sold), the Roman Marquise Di Garnafei in Seranova's jewellery box, furniture from the Château de Champigny, Monsieur C's important collection of violins and bows, the entire furnishings from a mansion in the Bois de Vincennes dating from the reign of Napoléon III, etc. World record prices have greeted all these sales.

- The amount realised from auction sales is free of tax and not subject to tax declaration.

- A transport service is available to effect transport to the Auction Saleroom, whether the objects are in Paris, in Nogent, in Île de France, or the Regions.

- You can deposit your items personally, usually on Friday mornings between 9am and midday, but another day can be arranged to suit you, as long as we have notice.