mardi 18 mai 2021 13:00
Salles 5 & 6, Drouot-Richelieu, 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris
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PARIS MY LOVE, 11th EDITIONReinforced by the resultsof former editions,LUCIEN-PARIS organizesa new auctionrelated to History and heritage of the city of lightsThis 11th edition and its processingwil be the subject of a documentary filmscreened in prime timeon the TF1 television channel

LUCIEN-PARIS will offer a Paris monument :

the Jean Constantin's Bösendorfer model 290 piano, called "Imperial" on which he composed. the lyrics of Mon manège à moi song for Édith Piaf (1958),. the score of François Truffaut's film Les quatre cents coups, . the score Mon truc en plumes song for Zizi Jeanmaire (1956), which became the song Comment voulez-vous ? for Juliette Greco (1959), etc.And superb vestiges of Paris :. Ceramique facade of the restaurant l'Assiette au Beurre. c. 1900, rue Saint-Benoît, Paris 6e. Complete facade, glass doors of the restaurant Le Munich. c. 1900, rue Saint-Benoît, Paris 6e. Ceramic facade of the restaurant Le Petit Zinc, c. 1900, rue Saint-Benoît, Paris 6e. Ceramic facade panels by Émile Hurtré, cast iron pillars, and set of chairs of the restaurant La Fermette Marbeuf. c. 1900, rue Marbeuf, Paris 8e. Very rare sign and menu of the restaurant Le Bœuf à la Mode, mid-XIXth century, rue de Valois, Paris 1er. Sign of the Café de la Paix, place de l'Opéra, Paris 2e. Sign of the brasserie Sarah Bernhardt, Place du Châtelet, Paris 1er. Serving trolleys and service of the restaurant Le Train Bleu, c. 1900, Lyon station, Paris 12e. Part of the restaurant's woodwork Chez Jenny, c. 1920., boulevard du Temple, Paris 3eÉtienne L'ÉVEILLÉ archive, Director of La Conciergerie jail under Napoléon III's reign.To include lots in this XIth édition, please contact us : 33This sale includes : . PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, ENGRAVINGS, PHOTOGRAPHS, SCULPTURESREPRESENTING OR EVOKING PARIS. DOCUMENTS RELATING TO PARISIAN SHOWS, MUSIC, OPERA, BALLET, MUSIC HALL,VARIETY SHOWS, THEATRE, CINEMA, SET DESIGN, COSTUMES. BIBLIOPHILY, MANUSCRIPTS, HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS, ILLUSTRATIONS,DOCUMENTS RELATING TO POLITICAL LIFE, CELEBRITIES, HIGH LIFE, PLANS, MAPS,ARCHIVES, POSTERS, PHILATELY, RARE POSTCARDS, PROJECTS AND ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS. SOUVENIRS AND REMAINS OF THE EIFFEL TOWER,OBJECTS AND DOCUMENTS RELATED TO THE EIFFEL TOWER, GUSTAVE EIFFEL. SOUVENIRS OF

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