RED-FIGURED ARYBALLISQUE LEKYTHOS Decorated... - Lot 47 - Lucien Paris

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RED-FIGURED ARYBALLISQUE LEKYTHOS Decorated... - Lot 47 - Lucien Paris
RED-FIGURED ARYBALLISQUE LEKYTHOS Decorated with a warrior's departure scene. The warrior takes center stage, in profile, facing left. He is wearing a chlamydia (double black folds at the bottom) and a pack on his back. He holds a spear with his left arm bent backwards, and extends his right arm towards a woman. Turning to the right, she offers him a phial she has just filled with an oenochoe she is holding in her left hand. She's wearing a long chiton tied at the waist. Her hair is held back in a bun by a headband and separated from the varnish on her belly by a reserved area. Between them, resting on the ground, is a shield, topped by an Athenian helmet with crest, which the warrior seems to be pointing at. To the right of the scene stands a middle-aged man, in profile to the left, wearing a beard, draped in a himation and resting his right hand on a staff. The decoration rests on a frieze of ovals symmetrical to the one at the junction of the body and neck. Under the handle and on either side of the handle, a large palmette decoration unfolds: a vertical palmette under the handle frames a lotus with scrolls at the bottom. It is linked by scrollwork to two vertical palmettes on either side of the handle, which in turn are linked to a smaller palmette facing downwards. Upper and lower scrolls emanate from the lines connecting the palmettes, framing a rhombus. Black glazed clay. Greek art, Attica, c. 440-430. Manner of the Painter of Achilles (J.H. Oakley). Height. 19 cm. Cracks. Old restorations to the oil paint (early 20th c.). BIBLIOGRAPHY. J.H. Oakley, New vases by the Achilles Painter and some further thoughts on the role of attribution, p.73, M1 in "Greek Art in View, Essays in honour of Brian Sparkes", Oxbow Books 2005. PARALLEL. To be compared with the following vases: fig 31a 146 Gottingen (handle and foot), fig 32a 147 New York, plate 74 E 115 (palmettes) in J. Oakley, The Achilles Painter,Verlag Philipp Von Zabern. Mainz/Rhein 1997. PROVENANCE. . Galerie Serres, Paris, November 22, 2001 . Roudillon sale, Paris, June 27, 2001. . Antique collection, pre-1970. An export certificate for cultural property dated December 22, 2023 will be issued to the purchaser.
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