GEOMETRIC AMPHORA Light brown, buff-colored... - Lot 4 - Lucien Paris

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GEOMETRIC AMPHORA Light brown, buff-colored... - Lot 4 - Lucien Paris
GEOMETRIC AMPHORA Light brown, buff-colored clay. The neck rises and widens slightly. Neck: between bands and horizontal lines, a frieze of chevrons, a frieze of herons and a band of reserved meanders. Shoulder: nipple-shaped protuberances on either side of the handles. Handles: double St. Andrew's Cross between horizontal lines. Body between handles: panel design; two vertical panels of squared rhombuses between three parallel fillets, framing a central horizontal panel of single-crenellated cross-hatched meanders facing right, between three parallel horizontal fillets. Greek art, Middle Geometric period, 8th c. B.C. Evia or Cyclades. Height. 56 cm. Numerous restorations; lateral depression of the body. PROVENANCE. . Galerie Tarantino, Paris, 2010. . Galerie Keramion, Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, 2009 . Collection Maison André, Paris, before 2000. An export certificate for cultural property dated December 22, 2023 will be issued to the purchaser.
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