MONUMENTAL CRATER On a flared conical foot... - Lot 3 - Lucien Paris

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MONUMENTAL CRATER On a flared conical foot... - Lot 3 - Lucien Paris
MONUMENTAL CRATER On a flared conical foot with two horizontal double handles. Globular body with three bands. On each side, two metopes with an identical circular motif made up of six concentric brown lines surrounding a central disk painted brown with a reserved cross, except at the intersection of the branches, which is painted and pierced with a central hole corresponding to the tip of the tool used to draw the motif. The circles are separated from each other by a complex central triglyph motif. The rounded, molded double handles are highlighted at the top and bottom by a brown line, the latter underlining the area where the two handles meet. The horizontal and vertical edges of the lip are decorated with brown streaks. Light buff clay, light brown paint, very light slip. Greek art, Protogeometric period, Skyros, c. 1000 - 900 B.C. Height. 54.2 cm. Restored by G. P. Nadalini. COMPARATIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY. Vases from the Goulandris Collection (Amphora and Pyxis, nos. 51 and 52), Skyphos (Andreadis Collection) in "Protogeometric Skyros and Euboea", I. Lemos, H. Hatcher, Oxford Journal of Archeology 1986: 5(3); 323-37. PROVENANCE. Madame Marguerite Quinet, 1973 (author of the book "Frosini de Skyros"). An export certificate for cultural property dated December 22, 2023 will be issued to the purchaser.
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