JEAN CONSTANTIN (1923-1997) AUTOGRAPH MUSIC... - Lot 114 - Lucien Paris

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JEAN CONSTANTIN (1923-1997) AUTOGRAPH MUSIC... - Lot 114 - Lucien Paris
JEAN CONSTANTIN (1923-1997) AUTOGRAPH MUSIC MANUSCRIPTS OF THE MUSIC OF THE SONG "MON TRUC EN PLUMES Bernard Dimey, author - Jean Constantin, composer. 1961. - Original handwritten autograph score of all the instruments. Pencil and red pen, additions in black felt pen, additions, comments in red felt pen. 4 double sheets of 4 pages, the first titled "Plumes in felt pen. - Original handwritten autograph score of all the instruments. Pencil, additions in blue and red pencil, in red pen, corrections in pencil. 4 double sheets of 4 pages in Italian. - Original handwritten score of all the instruments. Pencil, additions in red pen and felt pen. 2 leaves of 3 pages, the the first titled: "Mon Truc en Plumes, J. Constantin, final Zizi to modernize". PROVENANCE. Estate of Jean Constantin. The choreographer Roland Petit (1924-2011) took advantage of his experience to launch himself in Paris in a new genre with La Revue des Ballets de Paris, created at the Théâtre de Paris in 1956. In 1957, at the Alhambra, a 5,000-seat theatre, he created the show Zizi Jeanmaire (1924-2020) in which his wife, a dancer, singer and actress dancer, singer and actress, who, like him, had graduated from the Paris Opera School, danced accompanied by four dancers and sang songs by Guy Béart. Jacques Brel was the opening act. Michel Legrand conducted the orchestra. It was a total success. Then Roland Petit, Zizi Jeanmaire and Michel Legrand left for London. Roland Petit staged a successful show in London where Zizi wore three feathered feathered fans, to the samba song Quand on s'est dit, qu'adorait zizi, composed and written by Jean Constantin. Back in Paris, Roland Petit wanted to give it another dimension at the Alhambra. He wanted twelve boys, dressed in black, to surround Zizi, masked by a black curtain boys, dressed in black, waltzing the pink feathers. The costumes will be by Yves Saint-Laurent. He asks Constantin to write another text to the same to the same music, but with more of a feather theme. But Constantin suggests that he choose another author. Roland Petit turned to the poet, dialogue writer and lyricist Bernard Dimey, who who, after listening to the choreographer's main idea, said to him: "You shouldn't your story is a feathery thing! We've got the title! So Bernard Dimey wrote the lyrics. In 1961, the show, entitled La Revue, was a triumph. Mon truc en plumes" would later become the hit song of the Casino de Paris of the Casino de Paris, making Zizi Jeanmaire an emblematic figure of of the music hall to which she will devote herself from now on, apart from a few to which she devoted most of her career, apart from a few forays into theatre and cinema. The song became a universal success. Plumes de zoiseaux De z'animaux My feathery thing It's very clever I don't know what to do It's all in the kidney shot. My feathery thing I'm not gonna let you down It's all in the hands My feathery thing It caresses you With intoxication I'm not sure what to do. I live by my feather And I feather The asphalt And it's in the moonlight That I light up the Pierrots. My feathery thing Panther feathers To billionaires My feathery thing It makes you dream But it's sacred Don't touch it. My feathery thing Come on my brigand Sleep in it It's not rocket science Come and try it on I'll make you dance. PROVENANCE. Estate of Jean Constantin.
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